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BSB is the Brazilian factory (Industriepark Vliedberg 1 - Vlijmen), provincie Noord Brabant- Netherlands.
It produces typical brazilian meals, desserts, fried and baked snacks that is ready to be shipped to you (The Netherlands, Germany or Belgium).
Brazilian ingredients and products can be ordered via our webshop. BSB factory delivers the products you miss the most, straight to your door.
If you are planning an important event that needs catering, BSB is perfect for the job! One of the most important and memorable aspects of any event is the food.
Of course, you can taste some dishes before to decide the menu! Browse our list of snacks and meals to find the menu for your party. 
From business to general event, we are the right company to serve up a meal which your guests will remember!

• via webshop:
• telephone: +310648218089
• email:
• app
• minimum term (3 - 5 days) for Delivery service
• Online orders (by webshop - instashop - facebook shop - whatsapp...)
• Amount to be charged (extra fee) by region / country - Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

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